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9 Steps to Pimp Your Ride and Get Some Street Cred

If you love your car and want to stand out, pimping it up or out or under is probably on your mind. You can do it yourself or get a professional to help you out. Either way, we have some tight tips to help your car look smoking.

1. Have a plan or picture. Decide beforehand what you want to change and what you will need to do it.

2. Paint your car. The first and most drastic and visible step is to paint your car a different color. You can add flames or other designs to add some flare and flavor.

3. Tint your windows. Tinted windows add an air of mystery to your car. It is also great for privacy.

4. Change your lights. To add some more style to your car, change the headlights and taillights. Simply changing the shape or design will make a huge difference.

5. Change the upholstery. To make the inside match the flavor of the outside, change your car seat upholstery. Add leather or funky animal print if that’s your thing.

6. Lower the suspension. Yes, you guessed it, we’re going all out Fast and the Furious. Lowering your suspension is a must to pimp your ride. It will give your car a sleek and streamlined look.

7. Add a spoiler. A spoiler on the back of your car makes it look really fast. For most cars, it is only for show, but if you like the look and want the look, go for it.

8. Get a killer sound system. This is a change that will be felt. Get a new subwoofer and some awesome speakers and you will feel the difference in your car.

9. Make the car dance. If you want that bounce or dance effect you see in the movies, you want to give your car a hydraulics suspension rig.

With these tips completed, you will have the ladies swarming your car in no time. Happy driving!

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