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Welcome to 4 Wheel Drive Lift Kits! If you love cars, trucks, and anything else with wheels, you are in for a treat. We love anything wheel-driven! This blog is here to entertain and inform and make a few wheelies in your day. We share information, tips, opinions, new models, new technology, and anything else you might want to know when it comes to cars, trucks, and all things wheels.

My brother and I started this site because we wanted to share our love of cars with other people like us. We can talk about cars and wheels for days on end and not get bored. This is the place to have those conversations with other like-minded people. If you’re the only person in your family or group that can appreciate a V8 engine or streamline Ferrari, you have found your refuge.

We discuss many different topics and invite you to share your opinion and tell us what your take on things are. Our community includes mechanics, car dealers, race car enthusiasts, and many other people who get their engines revved when talking about cars. This community is very verbal and often gets into debates about the best car or driver or parts. It’s a regular race riot.

We hope you enjoy the ride!