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5 Tips on Creating the Best Fence to Protect Your Car, Driveway and Garage

Protecting your car is probably one of the most important things you want to do, especially if it is vintage or specialized in some way. If your garage or driveway is part of your property and can be fenced in with your house, we have some tips for you. A fence is one of the best ways to protect your car and property.

1. Choose a fence that doesn’t allow potential burglars to hide

You want to be able to see when there are people on the other side of your fence. Increased visibility means increased security. Make sure that your fence is strong but see-through. Avoid planting thick bushes or big trees by your driveway as Burglars can hide behind these.

2. Choose a fence that is difficult to climb over

A fence that is at least 8 feet tall is good. You might have restrictions in your area, so check before you have a fence installed. Avoid a fence that has horizontal bars as this helps burglars to climb the fence. Another point to consider is adding spear tops, razor, wire, or other anti-climb spikes to the top of your fence. This makes it harder to climb.

3. Choose a fence that cannot be easily bypassed

Some fence materials are easy to cut through or go under. Avoid these materials and rather opt for a stronger alternative. Make sure that the fence posts are secured in concrete and deep enough into the ground. Your great fence should also have a great gate. Make sure that the gates to your property are as secure as you are making the fencing.

4. Choose metal or wire mesh fencing

Metal or wire mesh fencing offers you all the security mentioned in the first 3 points: see-through, difficult to climb, and not easily bypassed.

Metal fences consist of vertical rods that are spaced evenly and can be quite tall. There are different designs so you can choose which one goes best with your home. They are low-maintenance and will keep your car and property protected.

Wire mesh fences are made of panels of tightly woven grids of wire. These panels are placed between fence posts to form the fence. These fences are similar to chain link, but they cannot be cut easily and doesn’t allow for easy climbing. Wire mesh fencing comes in more than one color and can also be chosen to suit your home.

5. Build a fence that goes around the whole property

This is especially important to help protect your car. Your fence should go around the whole house, garage, driveway and yard. This will ensure better security, no place to hide, and it will serve as a mental barrier. A fence of any kind makes it harder for burglars because it prevents a fast getaway and makes it difficult to go unnoticed.

To make sure that your car or cars are safe in the garage or driveway, choose the best fence you can afford. Follow these tips and you will sleep sound without worrying about the safety of your property or cars.

Tip 5.5 Building a Suitable Garage and Driveway

Its definitely recommended, if you don’t already have one, to build a garage. If you are building a garage you need a suitable driveway to park and drive on. The security of your prized vintage car is increased dramatically if you put it into a garage each night.

A Garage you build yourself can be made bigger than a traditional garage so it allows for working on your vehicle. During the winter and when the weather is too bad to work outside, having a warm dry space to tinker and improve your car is a definite luxury.

Its not too expensive either. We have recently had a double garage built at our property. We used Cornwall Builders, a local Building contractor who also paved our driveway and built the security fence. They charged a very reasonable fee for all this work and if you live in Cornwall we strongly recommend you use them.

For everybody else searching for a local building firm and getting 2/3 quotes is the best way forward. Remember you are looking for a happy medium between affordability and security.