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1995-2000 5" CHEVY S10 Suspension Lift Kit

Item # CT15-PA
Price: $1,660.99Our Price: $1,475.38

1995-2000 5" CHEVY S10 Suspension Lift Kit

1995-2000 CHEVY S10 5" Trailmaster Lift Kit

Trail Master kits and systems reach new heights in performance, ride quality, and durability. Trail Master measures up to a high standard in 4x4 suspension products. They work hard and play harder. This Trailmaster product comes ready to hit the trail. You'll be able to run with the best of them.

This Trail Master kit is made for the trail AND for the road. You won't find yourself unprepared in the dirt and mud but when it's time to get back on the pavement you'll have the same smooth, factory ride as you do with the stock components. Look below for detailed specs and application information on this lift kit.

Application Information
This lift system designed for a 1995-2000 CHEVY S10.

Kit Tech Notes
1. See our Tire Fitment Guide to see what tire sizes will fit this 5" lift.
2. Will not fit Bravada.
3. Will not fit Highrider.
4. Will not fit ZR2.
5. Will not fit ZR5.
6. Not recommended for crew cab.
7. Not recommended for extended cab.
8. Front driveshaft vibration may occur at highway speeds
9. Requires frame bracket cutting.
10. 4.3L engine requires exhaust modification.

Install Instructions
Download installation instructions here:
Trail Master Installation Instructions

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1995-2000 5" CHEVY S10 Suspension Lift Kit