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Interesting and Fun Facts About Cars You Won’t Believe

To brighten up your day and give you a smile, read these fun facts about cars.

New Car Smell – Did you know that the ‘new car smell’ is made and not naturally there? More than 50 different compounds are used to make the ‘new car smell’ and none of them are toxic.

‘Green Cars’ – In the early 20th century, cars were seen as the ‘green’ alternative to horses and carriages. The horses caused too much pollution with their poop. Being green apparently has its origins long before the 2000s.

Dirty Cars – If you were to drive a dirty car in Russia, you would be breaking the law. It is a criminal offense and might land you a hefty fine or prison time. Would your car be allowed on Russian roads today?

Travel to the Moon – If you could travel to the moon in a car, it would take you approximately 6 months to get there if you drive 60mph. Best start driving today to catch that big cheese in the sky.

Cars vs. People – This is one of the stranger facts, but it’s true. There are more cars in Los Angeles than there are people. Not sure how that works, but there you go.

Must-Have Features – When the Honda CR-V was first launched, it included a picnic table. Yes, the picnic table was part of the car features. Clearly, they were trying to tell people something.

Always in Style – Rolls-Royce has produced a multitude of cars and most of these cars are still on the road. How’s that for style and longevity?

Traffic Frustration – Time spent in traffic can be brutal. It is estimated that the average American spends about 38 hours a year in traffic. 3 days of your life wasted standing still in traffic…

Roof of Steel – When the Ford GT was put through the ‘roof crush test’, it broke the crushing machine. Clearly, the Ford GT has a roof of steel and should not be messed with.

First Car Accident – Ever wondered when the first car accident happened? It happened in 1891 in Ohio. Many are of the opinion that Ohio still doesn’t have the best drivers…

It truly is a wacky world, but as long as it has cars, we’re good.

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