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Shock Absorbers

Truck Shocks, 4x4 Shock Absorbers

Shock Absorbers

Need a new set of truck shocks? Whether you're looking for better handling on the road or greater stability on the trail, a good set of truck shocks will go a long way to giving you the handling you need. The right kind of shocks will give you that tight, crisp control so no matter how much power you have under the hood, your tires will hold the pavement.

We feature several options for the off-road enthusiast, including Skyjacker and Tuff Country. Both lines feature a set of Hydro and Nitro shocks, depending on what your needs are. For most heavy duty trucks and SUVs we recommend the Nitro shocks because of the added stability. For a light truck or SUV the Hydro shocks are a great option.

Shock absorbers are important for a lot of reasons. The role they play is crucial to your suspension. Contrary to common belief, the shocks aren't there to absorb all the bumps and jolts of the road or trail. That's really the job of your springs. The shocks are there to counter the "throw" that your springs create when they absorb the jolts. It helps to minimize the effects of what the springs do for your truck and also reduce the strain on the springs. This is especially true for trucks with lift kits.

So order a great set of 4x4 shock absorbers today from our full line of shocks!

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Shock Absorbers